Email marketing has transformed our entire business, and we know it can transform yours.

Think about it. Imagine landing in someone's inbox, regularly, with emails that are super tailored and relevant to them. It can only be a good thing for your brand.

Better yet, imagine someone looking forward to receiving your emails. Seeking them out. Opening them first. Wanting to hear more from you and taking action.

Imagine your list was triple the size it is now. Or ten times as big. Think how many people you'd be reaching every time you hit send. Imagine an arena with that number of people in it - it's a big audience.

It's all possible when you know what you're doing. But most companies get it so wrong. They send out rubbish emails that only their mum reads. People are indifferent to receiving them.

We put together a three-part course, to take you through building, engaging with and generating sales from your list.

Phase one: BUILD

This phase is for those who feel like they need to grow their list. Maybe you're starting from scratch, or you have a small list that you want to grow.

In this phase, we'll cover:

  • Identifying opportunities to build your list
  • Creating valuable lead magnets
  • Using automation to your advantage

Get phase one and set yourself up for success for just £39+vat.

Phase two: ENGAGE

You've already got a list that's established and growing, but you need to talk to it. This phase is for those who want a strategy for what to say and when to say it, for the best results.

In this phase, we'll cover:

  • Identifying opportunities to add value
  • Specific emails designed to generate positive responses
  • Pitfalls to avoid when talking to your list

Get phase two and ramp up your influence for just £39+vat.

Phase three: SELL

This phase is for those who are communicating regularly with their list but not generating sales or leads. Now it's time to turn your list into one of your biggest assets.

In this phase, we'll cover:

  • Assessing the receptiveness of your audience to buying
  • Sending compelling emails that convert
  • Employing specific selling tactics

Get phase three and start seeing results for just £39+vat.



Wasting your time sending emails you're not proud of, or sending emails that receive no response.


Seeing results. Feeling confident about hitting send by mastering email marketing like a pro.


Last-minute writing of emails and wondering how to grow your list.


Control of the process, that leads to engagement, referrers and sales.


This three-phase course is for companies and individuals with a message to share, or products and services to sell.

It's for those who want to master their email marketing but need some guidance. It's for those with the drive to execute, in need of the ideas and knowledge to have confidence in their actions.

If that sounds like you, we look forward to having you with us.

Achieving email marketing mastery takes time. There is no better time than now. In six months time, you'll wish you had started today.

Don't underestimate the power of a large, engaged email list.

Phase one: BUILD

For companies and individuals who don’t have a list, or have a very small list, and want to grow it.

Phase two: ENGAGE

For companies and individuals who have a list, but don’t engage with members regularly.

Phase three: SELL

For companies and individuals who have a list that they talk to regularly, but haven’t made the transition to sales.